You may (or not) have noticed, that the license of my humble homepage changed. With the whole migration thing, I took the chance to update the legalese bits as well ;)

Nothing to be alarmed at, it is still under CC-By.

The only two things that changed are:

  • the upgrade to version 3.0 due to many good reasons, including the added no endorsement and moral rights clauses as the most important changes; and
  • the change from Slovenian port to Unported in part due to the the Slovenian port not being up-to-date and in part due to Creative Commons starting with 3.0 onwards has started writing the Unported versions in a jurisdiction-agnostic manner, meaning that it’s by far not as US-centric as it used to be (in fact, CC 4.0 might drop ports all together). The only consideration to use a EU-ported 3.0 license would be the inclusion of the EU-specific database (sui generis) rights. But as I’m not planning to publish any databases, I’m not bothered with that.

So from today Hook’s Humble Homepage is licensed under:

Creative Commons License
Hook’s Humble Hompage by Matija Šuklje is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

hook out → well, that’s done with

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