There we are then. I've created a Flattr account and wired this whole page with it.

Flattr is by far not the first micropayments system, but it has momentum, sane enough ToS and PP and is being used quite a lot already by other free software and free culture advocates and creators.

Well, I could go on about the theory of micropayments, why it is a step in the right direction etc. etc., but I won't.

In short, if you like anything, Flatt(e)r it/me and if I like anything I'll Flatt(e)r it/you.

Update 1: I can't get Flattr plugin for Drupal to work (probably my fault), so until then please flatter me via imFlattrd (see "Flattr This" button in the sidepanel).

Update 2: Got the static version of the button somehow to work. You're still welcome to use my imFlattrd profile though ;)

Update 3: After two migrations since this blog post, I have to figure out how to add the Flattr support again. Also imFlattrd does not exist anymore.

hook out → ran out of Darjeeling tea :/

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