A bit over half a year ago I published my very own Zsh prompt, after which I decided to publish some of my dot files (including the said prompt) on Gitorous.

I didn't imagine it would be of any public interest, so I kept the comments in the code in my native language – Slovenian.

But since then, someone actually started following my public dot files Git repository. Now I just couldn't leave my comments like that, so I decided to translate them into English.

Soooooo, I'm proud to present you today with the updated hook-dot-files, now in English. Update: After Gitorous closed down, I moved my code to GitLab.

Important changes (apart from translations):

  • Zsh – Home and End keys work now in TTY, but don't in X
  • Zsh – added Vi mode support, an indicator for the "normal" mode when in Vi mode, and made Vi mode default
  • Zsh – added support for Mercurial in the VCS bit (now Git, SVN and Mercurial should work; but you can easily add others)
  • Zsh – added auto-completion script for ConTeXt
  • Fluxbox – reorganised the window titlebar buttons to my liking
  • Fluxbox – changed the font and colours for dmenu
  • Fluxbox – some minor changes

Oh, and someone already mentioned about getting my theme into oh-my-zsh. I'm cool with that, but I don't plan to run a whole oh-my-zsh instance just to do that. I may submit it at some point though.

hook out → happy easter =:3

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