Well, I decided to publish some of my "dot files" (i.e. settings for those uninitiated) on my Gitorious repository.

New location of dotfiles

After Gitorous got acquired by GitLab and closed down in 2015, I moved my code to GitLab.

Why publish them?

Well, I'm not claiming utmost brilliance, but since I decided to use Git to keep track of the changes I make to more complicated setting files on my sytem and noticed that some actually like my custom Zsh prompt, I thought I might as well share some of my other solutions.

Why exactly Gitorious?

Well I've read the ToS and PP of a few popular Git hosts and Gitorious has the most sane ones – such that I could actually agree with (and not only saving my firstborn).

So far I've included:

  • Zsh – as already noticed, the coolest thing about my Zsh settings is the custom Zsh promopt I already blogged about.
  • Vim – nothing too fancy yet (just cca. 80 lines of useful stuff), but I do plan to make my own colour scheme in the future.
  • Fluxbox – apart from standard settings, I try to bind the keys the same way that I do in KDE and Awesome (also true transparency is planned).
  • Awesome – I try to pimp up my favourite tiling WM as much as I can and also keep the key bindings the same throughout KDE, Fluxbox and Awesome (also true transparency is planned).

… but the list may grow when I add some new stuff.

Also, I keep my comments and changes in my native language (Slovenian), but if there's any public interest, I could translate it all to English and continue in that lingua franca.

Now without further ado, I welcome you to Hook's Dot Files.

hook out → drinking Moroccan Mint tea (Taylors of Harrogate) and studying Environmental law

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