Well, I decided to publish some of my "dot files" (i.e. settings for those uninitiated) on my Gitorious repository. Update: After Gitorous closed down, I moved my code to GitLab.

Why publish them?

Well, I'm not claiming utmost brilliance, but since I decided to use Git to keep track of the changes I make to more complicated setting files on my sytem and noticed that some actually like my custom Zsh prompt, I thought I might as well share some of my other solutions.

Why exactly Gitorious?

Well I've read the ToS and PP of a few popular Git hosts and Gitorious has the most sane ones – such that I could actually agree with (and not only saving my firstborn).

So far I've included:

  • Zsh – as already noticed, the coolest thing about my Zsh settings is the custom Zsh promopt I already blogged about.
  • Vim – nothing too fancy yet (just cca. 80 lines of useful stuff), but I do plan to make my own colour scheme in the future.
  • Fluxbox – apart from standard settings, I try to bind the keys the same way that I do in KDE and Awesome (also true transparency is planned).
  • Awesome – I try to pimp up my favourite tiling WM as much as I can and also keep the key bindings the same throughout KDE, Fluxbox and Awesome (also true transparency is planned).

… but the list may grow when I add some new stuff.

Also, I keep my comments and changes in my native language (Slovenian), but if there's any public interest, I could translate it all to English and continue in that lingua franca.

Now without further ado, I welcome you to Hook's Dot Files.

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