Back in 2010 I created my very own theme for Z-Shell and a few months later I started publishing my dotfiles on Gitorious on GitLab instead of just this blog. Update: After Gitorous closed down, I moved my code to GitLab.

Around that time someone already asked why I do not use Oh My ZSH! and include my theme there. At that time that project was still relatively young1 and I did not see much benefit to start using its whole package. In addition to that I was still in early stages of getting to know Z-Shell and wanted to play around by myself for a bit.

In the meantime Oh My ZSH! has matured and gained in popularity to the extent that they currently do not accept new themes. If I could turn back time, I think I would rather try to get involved with that project sooner2.

For the moment I will continue to maintain my own Z-Shell settings in a separate repository, but base them on Oh My ZSH! as a git submodule. I also plan to upstream as much as possible.

hook out → just got back from (long overdue short) vacation and preparing for the last two exams before my LLM

  1. First commits are from August 2009. 

  2. Not just to get my theme in there, but to learn and contribute easier to the general community. 

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