I'm ever so proud of my girlfriend! I could write essays about all the reasons why (there's maaaaaaaaany of them!), but I'll just concentrate on a single (and most geeky) reason this time.

First of all, I'll have you know that I did not push any strings her in any direction and she didn't ask me for any help either …she did it all by herself.

Here's the scenario:

  • One day my girlfriend gets bored and out of the blue decides to try KDE4 (I mentioned it to her, but not too often).
  • She searches the web, downloads KDE for Windows and installs it.
  • The next day I get a call from her that KDE4 is crap on Windows. Which, of course, throws me out of balance …I mean: Wow! Who's lucky enough to have his better half testing FOSS just to see what you're talking about?!? But wait …it gets better ;)
  • After that experience she decides that MS Windows is getting on her nerve and she decides to try an OS and desktop that would follow her rules and let her tweak the interface as she wants it. Now you probably think you know where this is heading …but you have no idea of the proportions! ;)
  • I don't know exactly how or where she found all the info, but later she told me she managed to google up DistroWatch amongst other sites.
  • She downloads Puppy Linux and Fedora.
  • …finds out she doesn't have any empty CD's at hand and decides that there has to be another way. What does she do? She searches the web for a solution and after a short trial and error session with different software succeeds in mounting the ISO image under Windows.
  • Of course, you can't just click on an "Linux" icon and it'll magically appear. So she figures out there's probably something missing …looks it up …and finds some virtual machine software.
  • She left getting it to run in the virtual machine for another day as she has a few long days of listening to lectures ahead.

…and after all that she still has the nerve to call herself computer illiterate! ;)

But, boy, am I proud!! :D

hook out → waiting for my love in the lobby of her faculty

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