By now, I suppose everybody's heard already that we're in recession.

Here's a small tip for all you tea-lovers out there: recycle your tea. Sure, it doesn't taste completely on par with freshly brewed, but reusing each batch of tea once still produces a satisfying enough cuppa. …for recycling it twice, we're not that deep in excremental goo yet. Yeach! :P

Well, if only modern economy wasn't based on high paid online gamblers playing with virtual money on game servers called Dow Jones, DAX, etc. with real-life consequences. Considering the current development it's not hard to imagine them being on their BlackBerry teamspeak looking at dozens of computer monitors spewing out dice rolls and stats stock information:

brkr1337: "W00t!!!1 I can has found how I mine for real estate!"

nu_brkr: "4 REALZ??!"

brkr1337: "We ownzorz teh other t34m now!"

nu_brkr: "Is y00 shure it cant backfirez?"

brkr1337: "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLZZZZZZZ!!!!!11one y00 n00b, it shureshot! :D"

nu_brkr: "LOL! y00 R teh L33T :D"

…and, of course the bubble bursts at some time and they come crying for their mums! :P

hook out → drinking recycled Yorskshire Gold from Taylors of Harrogate and studying Philosophy of Law

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