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This week Shaman 2 was introduced on the Planet KDE.

The idea behind Shaman is that it should be a "package management (GUI)" for KDE which is as abstract, as extensible and as scriptable as possible.

By using different backends and having an even more abstract view on what a package management system is then PackageKit – in fact, PackageKit can be used as one of Shaman's backends – it might just be that Shaman is suitable for a GUI for Portage.

So, if any of the Gentoo devs think it would be high time to replace the (seemingly?) already dead Kuroo with a new and very tweakable GUI for KDEDario would be more then happy to cooperate in getting Shaman to use Portage as well.

hook out → planning to make a new emoticon set …perhaps a 0.1 will come out before new year's