I underdstand why people like GitHub for its social workflow and being a one-stop-shop solution. I have and use an account there, but for hosting my own stuff, I still perfer Gitorious for its openness, ToS & PP and actually having the source code availabe for it (under AGPL as well!).

Update: After Gitorous closed down, I moved my code to GitLab.

On that note Gitorious, just recently got updated to version 3 and acquired by a company. They promise to stay true to their goals, staying FS and such. I wish them all the luck and hope they evolve even better :)

What I still don’t understand is, if Git is such a nice distributed VCS, why can’t you cross contribute even between the two biggest hosting companies? I can pull and push commits between the two from my command line, but not from their WebGUI and therefore lose a lot on the usability front, especially when it comes to social coding.

OK, and now for something (in)completely different…

If, like me, you’re not yet a Git CLI guru, you might want to check out UnGit – it is a self-contained WebGUI for Git (includes a small webserver) that’s quite intuitive to use. Installing and running it is very simple, using even more so. Just beware that it doesn’t have an undo button, so if you mess up royaly, you will still have to fix it using the CLI 1!

Another very interesting related news item is PenFlip – the initiator of the idea describes it in his blog post as “the GitHub for Writers”. That should be quite an interesting solution, especially if coupled together with a proper eBook layout solution and distribution model like Leebre.

hook out → mmmm, pancakes :3

  1. I managed to do something stupid with my branches and I’ll have to bribe someone with coffee/tea to fix it for me. 

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