Yesterday I was ever so leisurely leaning on the rail of our kitchen balcony and eating peaches and thinking about how smoothies are really just the diluted adult version of baby food. And at approximately the same time it dawned upon me what the taste of the peach in my hand reminded me of – mango-scented soap!

This was the last straw! Although I spend half a year in Africa (Algiers) when I was small and bloody well know how bananas, oranges, dates etc. should taste like, I could still force myself to ignore the fact that gradually in Slovenia (and the rest of Europe) they started tasting like mere shadows of what their taste really is.

I could kind of cope with the attack of the watery (straw|blue|…)berry invasion some years after that, by dipping them in sugar.

Then came apples and pears that tasted more of diluted watermelons with soymilk then anything else. At that stage I grew slightly annoyed…

But, thisthis is just wrong!!!. When I bite into a fruit, I expect that it tastes of it! And right now I'm fed up with it! Tasteless fruit no more for me! I don't care if it looks sad enough to look emo bio, eco or whatever the buzzword is now! I WANT MY FRUIT TO TASTE FRUITY !!! (and not in the "weird" way)

In other news: KMail's advanced features (e.g. e-mail expiry, mailing list management, filters, spam filter integration etc.) kick serious arse! :D

hook out → listening to post-punk, drinking Pu-erh tea and … yes, you've figured it out … studying

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