I've got tons of studying to do, so I'll make it short:

This weekend (24th and 25th of April) I was with my girlfriend in Graz, Austria. The first reason being the Linux Tage in the aforementioned second largest city of Austria and the second reason, well, to explore Graz with my girlfriend ;)

Trip by train Ljubljana↣Maribor↣Graz was early but OK.

Linux Tage was a pretty swell event and it took place in the local techical faculty, which looked pretty new and kinda cool as well. Lectures were aplenty, but most were way too technical for me (e.g. Intro into Python 3 was a big fail from my side!). I took quite a bit from the Shell quoting lecture though.

Since it was Austrian Fellows who invited me in the first place, I took the oportunity and tried to learn as much about FSFE and the Fellowship from them as possible. Which I did. Here I'd like to express megahuge gratitude to Martin Gollowitzer and Reinhard Müller for their awesomazing 1 help in getting the complicated ins and outs of FSFE into my nuggin. A big shout-out to all the other super-friendly Fellows from Austria as well! We should really get together again some day soon-ish …maybe in Slovenia? ;)

I was half-present at the forming of the Austrian Gentoo users' association – i.e. I knew about it, wanted to go, but wanted to go to a lecture as well, so I ended up beeing only present in the same building and thinking about it.

Short side notes:

  • They're still making Almdudler and it's still great!
  • I just noticed that they sell Almdudler in Slovenia as well nowadays (and for the same price even) …sweet! :D
  • The castle has a great view and the parks there are great.
  • The sky's a bit dirty though. Unfortunate geolocation results in a microclima that doesn't let the wind blow through …or so I'm told.
  • Möhrenwirt (close to the the Grazer Kunsthaus) has the best goulash we've had in a restaurant ever and they're really friendly as well.
  • The Grazer Kunsthaus (a.k.a. the Friendly alien 2) is a nice building, but the (current) exhibitions were a bit of a let down. Good thing you get to visit other museums with the same ticket as well.

BTW, the local Fellowship(s) had a nice booth and I even bought myself a Fellowship pin :] I'm a bit sorry I didn't buy the dark gray penguin sticker from the Debian booth though :\

hook out → sipping tea and studying

  1. Ya, I just invented it …'s like awesome+amazing :P 

  2. Check out a pic, you'll figure out why ;) 

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