Since the beginning of this month, FSFE Legal has IRL office hours in Cyberpipe every Wednesday.

The next two weeks this will not be the case because:

  • 24th-26th I will be in Vienna (more on that below);
  • and 31st is a public holiday in Slovenia.

Normal office hours will resume on 7th November.

As I mentioned, next week I will be in Vienna for three days – I will be going there for an interview (together with Peter Bubestinger and Jürgen Kneissl) for Radio Dispositiv (live on Orange 94.0).

Since I’m already in town, FSFE Austria has kindly invited me to hold a “FS & Law Session” in MetaLab for all the viennese geeks to discuss interesting legal questions regarding Free Software and IT in general. And after that they’re taking me to the Big Brother Awards Gala.

I freu mi sho druff! 1

So if you’re in or near Vienna end next week, let’s meet up ☺

hook out → mmmmmm, Käsekreiner und Almdudler :3

  1. In my broken Viennese: “I’m already looking forward to it.” 

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