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A short recap from Nokia's e-mail answer to what the future holds for Symbian and Qt.

Software Patents

Again we come to a week full of mobile phone related patent wars. Pretty much everyone is suing everyone and getting sued at the same time. The word on the street also is that the recent Nokia-Microsoft bond is there mainly for both to be more powerful with their joint patent portfolio and thus get to them more favorable settlements easier.

After last week's questions whether Google violated the GPL by copying header files from the Linux kernel to its Android, this week we see patent infringement claims from Microsoft against some companies making Android devices.

PaidContent: Microsoft Opponent Gets U.S. Government Support In Patent Showdown

TechCrunch: Robocast Sues Apple for Infringing its "Automated Browsing" Patent

Reuters: Kodak wins skirmish against RIM and Apple

the Inquirer: Apple and others sued for patent infringement

the Inquirer: Nokia loses a patent infringement claim against Apple's Iphone

Ars Technica: Apple's mobile products do not violate Nokia patents, says ITC

Copyright and Other Legal Act Reforms

Michael Geist: Another Copyright Bill Hits the Scrap Heap: Taking Stock of Canadian Digital Law and Policy Reform

Government and Free Software Policies

FSFE: Mapping the changing landscape of Free Software in the British Public Sector

OSOR: AU: Government moves to encourage use of Open Source Software

OSOR: PL: School curriculum to be modernised with courses on free software

OSOR: NL: Court of Audit 'failed' in its independent review of open source

Other interesting links

CIO: Yahoo Plans to Open Source Code for Non-Core Technologies

the Inquirer: ICANN wants to break free from the US government

Hugo Roy: English: IPRED: challenge EU policy in copyright and patents on the Internet

EU commissioner has started to work on a European Cloud Computing Strategy.

Neelie Kroes: The clear role of public authorities in cloud computing

Ars Technica: Trademarked keyword sales may soon be restricted in Europe

ConsortiumInfo: Open Network Foundation to Promote New Network Architecture

the H Online: The Pragmatism of Free Software Idealism and the Idealism of Open Source Pragmatism

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