Linux Magazine issue 118 has just been published and in it my article License That! The European Union can show off with its own free, open source license. [PDF].

It is a short article about EUPL. This is an OSI- and FSF-approved license which was written by and for the EU and is equally legally valid in all EU language versions. Not only does it tackle legal problems of FOSS very elegantly and in a short and understandable way 1, but is the first ever free license to be written by an international government body.

Maybe one day we will be able to agree on a global (or at least WIPO-wide) public license, which would be valid the same in all languages and in all jurisdictions.

This is my 2nd article for Linux Magazine and I can say that writing for them is quite a treat.

  1. It really is very easily understandable and a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the basics of free software. 

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