The 3rd meeting our Fellowship group was on the 4th of March and was mainly about organizing the DFD. You can read the full minutes (in Slovenian) on the wiki.

The next – 4th – meeting of FSFE Fellowship group Slovenia took place on the 6th of July and although there was only five of us present, it was pretty important.

  1. Money Refund – we divided the money we got refunded for the DFD from the FSFE.

  2. Structure of the FSFE & Fellowship – I explained what I learnt about the structure of the Fellowship and the FSFE and how they relate to each other to others. Since only those who donate to the FSFE are formally Fellows, strictly speaking most people on our mailing list and participating in our meetings aren't Fellows. But since our Fellowship mailing list, meetings and actions are open to anyone, that doesn't bother anyone really. The main thing is that stuff gets done.

  3. Plans for the Near Future – The general vibe is that we would need to be more vocal about emerging privacy and IPR problems and for that that we need more effective communication channels with the outside world. There was a debate whether and how much we should concentrate on Windows/Apple tax and/or si2010.

  4. Regular Meetings – We plan to have regular (probably monthly) meetings on a fixed date in the future. We will discuss the exact date after the summer vacations.

  5. Censured SourceForge – Rok Papež explained that follows the US embargo and in general disables downloading of free software in certain countries. This of course goes against the basic ideas of free software. Afterwards a short debate arose on the mailing list as well [start of thread]

  6. Digital Agenda, Internet Censorship in the EU – After that I explained a bit about what's happening in the EU concerning censorship (e.g. access to all internet search terms) and the Digital Agenda.

  7. ACTA – A short introduction and promise to post short and informative links to the mailing list on what problem we face with ACTA.

  8. Better Communication – We all felt that to achieve anything we need better means of communication with the outside world. One of the problems is that for (mainstream) media a wiki page and planet of blogs is not good enough. Apart from the guerilla approach – blog, microblog, mailing lists, social networks etc., a solution would be to make a website with its own domain name where we could post our press releases. We are also planning to cooperate even better with other similar-minded groups on activities that are of interest to both.

    There was also a debate whether local portals where citizens can submit suggestions to the government and to the EU could be of use. Milan Lazarevič commented that in theory the idea of participation via e-government is good, but from his experience in practice it's not worth the time. We'll still keep an eye on it though.

  9. Misc. – general chitchat while sipping coffee and juice.

As always the full minutes (in Slovenian) are available on our Fellowship group's wiki page.

Side note: for the past few months the number of subscribers to our mailing list has pretty much stabilised itself to a little over 60.

hook out → eating chocolate pudding and going to bed…

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