I hate needles! And I don't mean those that you get from the doctor or nurse!

Living in the city centre has its downsides as well. There's that homeless junkies asylum just around the corner, for instance. Those bastards keep leaving their used needles and syringes all over the block!!

It's quite annoying taking your dog out and having to tiptoe through the needles and directing your dog so he doesn't step on one either – and it gets even harder in early morning and late evening, when the light's bad!

Then there's also the young'uns drinking in the street. I'm not annoyed with them having a fine time, but that those bloody wankers can't even carry their bleedin' empty flasks across the street to the bloomin' recycling bin, but break them on the pavement!! Yea, sure, a barf here and there's OK when you go to the faculty in the morning …but the glass shards are completely uncalled for!!

Meh, instead of the plethora of signs that prohibit dogs from entering certain parks and even such that propagate the local dog owners' population's tidiness when it comes to poop scooping after their men's best friends, I'd very much like to see something like:

In this neighbourhood the drunk youth recycle their trash.


Drop your junkie's needles in this container.

…preferably with a nice cutesy idiot-proof graphics on it, so even the non-natives undertand it :P

Yea, I know …not bloody likely …but you can't blame a bloke for trying :P

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