Contact information

The best way to contact me (Matija Šuklje) is by:

I also hang around on IRC:

On most forums and pages I usually use either the nickname hook and if that is not available either silverhook or silver_hook.

I am also very approachable by the time-proven “Hey you! Hold it!” method if you meet me in person ☺

My public OpenPGP/GPG key

You can directly download the public key I use for pretty much everything and/or check its fingerprint below:

pub 4096R/C651D7B0 2010-04-18
Key fingerprint = 556A 19C2 5686 A785 499D 1D4B 8C19 2103 C651 D7B0

My key signing policy

I only sign keys of people who also sign mine.

I do not sign keys that do not include an e-mail address.

I check each key individually so even after a properly organised key signing party, my certification of those keys might not be the same for all attendees.

After I sign and certify the key I e-mail it encrypted to the owner, so the owner can chose to upload the signature or not.

Certification levels

Keys I certify with “unknown trust” (sig 0, 0x10) are those that I have checked very sloppily or not at all. If I use them at all it is usually for automatically generated non-personal keys.

Keys I certify with “mediocre trust” (sig 2, 0x12) are those:

  • of which the fingerprint is identical to the one claimed by its owner; and
  • of which I got the fingerprint validated by its owner in person; and
  • I checked at least one government issued identity document with ID photo of they key’s owner and do not have any doubt of the validity of those document(s).

Keys I certify with ”full trust” (sig 3, 0x13) are those that fulfil all of the conditions for a “mediocre trust” (sig 2, 0x12) and additionally I am even more certain of the identity of its owner – either because I have known the person close enough and for a long enough period of time or because of other reasons I have no doubt whatsoever in the person’s identity.


In RPG’s you will find me play the following characters:

  • in PlaneShift my character is called Seeln Beltheren
  • In Ryzom my characters are Moneesha and Watunga.
  • in RPG’s with a medieval-ish setting you will usually find me under the name Asereth Valerei

In other games you will usually find me under my standard nickname hook (or if that is already taken silver_hook).

  1. Also accessible over Skype and Google Talk, if you are living under a rock and use that instead of a proper SIP

  2. Same SIP account, reachable by normal phone. For more info see

  3. Or if that is unavailable hook_

  4. Because, sadly, “hook” is already taken.