I just realised something: how come if there's almost no way of getting a 32-bit x86 CPU nowadays and almost all CPU are x86_64, that ARCH="x86" is still the default and most maintained in Gentoo/Portage?

Yes, I know there's still people who use 32-bit, but there's also still people who use PPC (or even more exotic arches) and that's in second place.

Wouldn't it make sense for ARCH="amd64" to be at least as well supported as ARCH="x86" (if not even made the default/primary) in the given circumstances?

hook out → woke up (still) laptopless, getting some grub and studying finances :P

P.S. I'm probably not the only one who finds it a bit confusing that the GCC calls the architecture x86_64, but Portage calls it amd64, am I?

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