Whew, the written part of the exam went OK. Now let's just hope that my feeling isn't wrong this time and that the oral exam will be successful.

Today's tea-related info blob will feature Rooibos ("Red bush").

First thing's first: it's not a tea (as in: Camellia sinensis) – it's a herbal tea, low on tannin and without any caffeine. Also, please don't call it "red tea" as you could confuse it with Oolong.

I won't bother you with all the things that you can read on Wikipedia about it, but just want to point the interesting fact, how many teas are drunk differently around the world than they are by the natives. Rooibos is a perfect example – people all over the world drink it without anything (no sugar, god forbid milk!), praising it's high antioxidants levels and I dunno what else … while in it's native Africa people drink it with milk and sugar. I've tried it and I have to say it's pretty nice :)

I haven't gotten myself to trying Indian tea with yak butter and salt yet, but (hopefully) this I'll be able to conduct that experiment as well ;)

hook out → drinking Rooibos with milk and sugar :]

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