Here's how it went:

Woke up, …, turned on my desktop PC and was almost deafened by the sounds the power supply fan started making, turned the PC off and on again, repeated a few times – same result, opened the box, fiddled around a bit – same result.

So, what else is a guy to do when something like that happens? Well, go buy a new power supply of course!

…and so I did! Went to "my" computer store across the street and bought a new one. This one is even claiming it's 60% more silent then most others (it also did cost 4 € more!). So I built it in, cleaned the box, while I was at it (dusty, dusty, dusty!) and powered it back up.

Ok, I think it's a bit less noisy, but it is slightly higher-pitched. But my brother (who almost didn't invest anything in our "common" desktop PC, btw!) thinks it's waaaaaay louder then before.

And, quite frankly, I don't give a bloody turd anymore!!! He can go and return it himself, if he thinks it's "too loud". I've had it up to here with me not being able to buy myself a laptop, because I have to support the bloomin' "common" desktop we share.

And while I'm at it: Why, for god's sake, can't the modern hardware be as sturdy as it used to be!! I mean: I've got a an old Pentium MMX which runs quite fine as a server and an ancient 486 that still functions as a fail-safe desktop – and both still have at least 80% of their original parts!!!

hook out → obviously pissed off by the state in which hardware is nowadays

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