Sadly the Gallo report was adopted by the EP. I won't write about why and who and what that means, since the internet's already full of it.

What I will do is try to figure out what we can learn from it:

One thing is that it seems the MEP's were impressed by about a hundred signatures – this is something I feel we can achieve. Well, how many hackers are there across the whole EU? I'd say we can count on a few hundred to sign a petition (of course not faked and/or dead) ;)

Another is that MEP's don't read the proposals they vote for or against. The same goes of course for pretty much any other politicians or parties. Which means they depend on either (party) internal or external experts to tell them what's the "right thing to do™" – which makes the number of people we need to convience actually smaller.

…of course this doesn't mean that we should stop contacting the MEP's and local polititians directly, it just means we have to fight on both fronts.

If anyone in the FSFE or elsewhere has more ideas, we can form a discussion in the comments below.

hook out → written exams yesterday went OK, I think; oral exams on Monday …fingers crossed

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