So, I've tried Vim after a long time of using Joe and knowing just how to save and quit in Vi.

I grew a bit annoyed by the fact that Ctrl+k in Joe started the command input, while pretty much everywhere else it deletes the line and is a key combo I use quite often. So, I looked a bit around and after thinking about Vi vs. Emacs and other less known editors for a few days decided to just emerge vim, as it seems to be the best Vi-based editor out there. Also I like the idea of the "normal" and "insert" (and "replace") modes in Vi, while Emacs is a tad too feature rich as a command-line text editor for my needs – I don't need a shrink, chess and coffee maker in a text editor (although it is kind of cool, hehe)

Well, soon I fired up vimtutor and learnt about some slightly more advanced features of Vim and I'm pretty impressed. I'd go even as far as to claim that it seems like Vim will become my default command-line text editor.

So it seems my command-line text editor usage has gone from Vi to Pico, Jed, Nano and Joe, back to Vi(m) in that historical order. Funny how life works sometimes ;)

hook out → going to sleep, plenty of studying to do tomorrow

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