My brother finally took charge of the administration of our home desktop – meaning he made backups and reinstalled Windows XP and everything needed on it.

Which in consequence means:

  • my brother's now the sysadmin of the box and I don't have to bother with it anymore
  • it's now a windows-only box, since I don't use it anymore ('ve got me own laptop :D)
  • I think my brother built some respect and sympathy towards sysadmins (which he didn't have before) …and consequently a bit of hatred for certain OS and driver makers/vendors ;)
  • ..and, of course, it took me about the same amount of time and effort helping him out as it would if I did it myself – but that's not the point now :P

In connection with that I've showed my brother a few screenshots of Windows Vista and was quite taken aback by his reply: "They're trying to look more like Linux now, eh?". And later on when I told my dad about this he said: "Sounds logical to me – they've got a good reason to try to look more like Linux too.". …Wow! It has to be said that both my younger brother and my dad are Windows users who either don't have time to (my dad) learn to use Linux or just don't want to bother (my brother).

hook out → drinking Lotus (green) tea and starting to study …hmmm, I wonder where I'll get some more Lotus tea when I run out of it :/

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