So, I've finally bought me some new sneakers – Savier Cooper …they're not bad actually, nice to wear and they're not too slim or to broad.

My Savier Cooper sneakers

But don't think that I forgot about the Airwalk One! …I'll still be ultra-very-happy if you tell me where to get it. :3

Also here's the pic of my (now again cleaned and repaired) bear's claw – my trusty companion since my 14th or 15th birthday. People used to say that it's my trade mark and there used to be a few incidents when someone didn't recognise me, because I didn't wear the claw. That might be true for the first few years when I used to wear it 24 hours a day, but from my 18th birthday on it just became one of my favourite "accessories" (as girls might call it) together with my rucksack ^_^ …well, anyway, there you have the link to the picture, what you think of it is your own thing.

My trade mark bear claw

hook out → gone studying

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