I know, I know …I haven't posted anything for quite some time and I probably won't much untill I finish with this month's exams. But don't worry – I'm keeping notes what I have to write when I find time. :]

OK, now that this is done, I can start with the actual post.

Me and my mum have to some extend a similar taste in music and today we discussed about it again and the theme just happened to evolve in the way that I showed her some (rather contemporary) surf rock tracks I like. What shocked me was her response… Fairly quickly she said: "That's the Shadows! It just has to – they have this typical guitar sound and rhythm. My dad used to listen to them all the time and I always thought that they were a bit over the top." So I looked up the Shadows on Wikipedia and Last.FM and surprisingly found out that they're a brittish group that played surf rock already in the 50's (and they still do) – before the genre was even invented!

Heh, and I probably wouldn't even be posting this at all (it's in the middle of the night, btw!) if I didn't bounce into a very good friend of mine today who's an even bigger fan of surf rock then I am and if she didn't ask me when I'm going to post again.

…so, yea, this one's for you – you know who you are ;)

hook out → listening to the Shadows and preparing to go to sleep

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