Many geeks will remember Tron to be a nice great movie from the 80's.

A few, will not be surprised that there is a new Tron movie scheduled for 2010, called Tron: Legacy.

Even less people will know that this is actually not the second, but third Tron movie Disney and Pixar planned. The sad truth is that at the end of the 90's there were already plans to make a sequel, called Tron: Rise of the Virals, but eventually funding for it stopped.

What's awesome though is that the (unfinished?) OSTTron 1.5 – is therefore available for free (as copyleft, I suspect) on Tron.FM ! There is even some commentary and links about the failed attempt of Tron: Rise of the Virals. Of course, the soundtrack is at times lively and at times ambiental electronic. What else would one expect from a Tron movie ;)

What surprised me is that I found on the track list some familiar artist like Team9 and World Famous Audio Hacker (of 8 Minutes of Madness fame with 54 tracks in a single mash-up).

An(other free) artist that I have not previously known of has surprised me quite a bit though – namely Tiger Mendoza or Lilith the Kitten.

Another fine find of free music and a great example why freedom matters. If the artists were not into copyleft, we would all be depleted of this album, just because Disney stopped funding a movie …as absurd as that sounds ;)

hook out → lectures, here I come

Update: Tron 1.5 and Audio Hacker's official websites are down. You can still download the full album as CC-BY-SA from its BandCamp page

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