For quite some time I missed (i.e. did not find any) proper garage rock on Jamendo.

Today, by randomly looking at the site, I stumbled upon just what the doctor prescribed:

69 Club & Station – I cannot say a lot about this band, because on Jamendo their account is still empty of any information whatsoever and their so far only album Tokio Proprio has been uploaded only two days ago. This EP consists of only three tracks, so I will take the time to dissect all three:

  • Nuvole Viola – starts out pretty funky and promising, but to me the vocals on it and the speedy bridges just make it sound too much like high school rock. This track has quite potential with some polish, but as it is it's my least liked on the album.
  • Brian – sounds the most like oldskoolish garage rock on the whole (erm) album. The vocals on it sound a bit like Kurt Cobain trying to sing to the Ramones, which although is not polished out, sounds pretty good. I like it a lot!
  • Card on Cello – reminds me somehow of early the Hives but with a little less spunk. On this track (at least in the second half) the drums feel too powerful. Also the organ(?) and the clapping are a very nice touch. Although both would feel better louder.

I sure hope to hear them perform live someday in a small open air festival or a small smokey club. From what I can judge, that would be an awesome evening/night out for me. :] hook out → studying bites, but has to be done :P

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