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Jimmy the Hideous Penguin reaches Overall Top 10 Artists on Hook's Last.FM charts!_

That's right. Since today on my Last.FM charts the first free (CC licensed) music artists stormed the Top Overall played/scrobbled Artists chart. With over 550 scrobbles (there's been quite some more plays if you count my portable media player), Jimmy the Hideous Penguin took the 10th place from the Pixies and is biting the tail of Lamb for the 9th.

Additionally, his track Fucking ABBA just toppled Portishead's Glory Box off the 5th place on Top Overall played/scrobbled Tracks charts and is a strong contender to reach the very top in the next months.

To put it into perspective: I've been scrobbling to Last.FM since 2005 and am a proud contributor of well over 48K scrobbles/plays. So, reaching the top 10 in under half a year is quite an achievement!

And last, but not least: Thank you, Jamendo, and thank you, Jimmy Penguin, for all the nice music! I love you guys! :D (in a strictly platonic way that doesn't involve any sexual intercourse, of course)

If you haven't yet, do read this awesome interview of Jimmy the Hideous Penguin on Analogue Magazine.

Cheers mate!

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