First off, I want to apologise to all the readers who follow me on Jamendo. A module caused my RSS feed not to be W3C valid anymore and therefore Jamendo did not aggregate it. Today I fixed the problem by removing the troublesome module and it should work again.

Now, if you followed my blog you noticed that my laptop died again, meaning that I am still depending on borrowed hardware and PortableApps.

The good news though is that I started using SongBird (packaged as a portable app), which means that my basic needs in music – scrobbling to Last.Fm, streaming from Jamendo and rating tracks – are met and I can write again about my musical discoveries from the land of the free. Although both its interface and Jamendo plugin are not nearly as good as Amarok's and the lag caused by running it from an USB key is sometimes driving me up the wall, it is bearable.

To keep up with my promise I will also try to post more often, even if that means shorter posts (e.g. only one or two artists per post).

Right now I am too tired to write a longer post, so I will just conclude it with what I am currently listening to:

  • The Morning Light and their (first?) EPThe Morning Light EP. The album was released on Jamendo only yesterday and, truth be told, I found it at the bottom of the page. Their style is a mellow mix of post punk with electronic elements, which takes me through the whole history of the post punk genre, without going too much into the noise rock section. At certain moments (e.g. in the track Troubles and the Low Profile remix of Scars) there are some more trashy or even industrial touches, while others (e.g. Scars) include some riffs that remind of surf rock and UK underground. The vocals are mediocre, but all in all I really really liked the EP and it seems like perfect music to walk around at night to. Mellow, yet powerful at times. Can barely wait to hear more from them!

hook out → trying to study a bit, going to bed soon, in dire need of a new laptop…

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