Jamendo has – after previously cancelling it due to financial problems – again started to support Ogg/Vorbis downloads and streams.

The catch is that now the Ogg/Vorbis streaming and downloads are handled by the community. Jamendo provides the software, while the community provides the hardware, hosting and administration of the Ogg/Vorbis servers. If that tickles your fancy, check out (or even join) the appropriate group on Jamendo.

Yaaaaaaaaaaay, now I can again listen to the Jamendo albums direclty from Amarok and feel warm and fuzzy inside :3

That being said, if you haven't yet, listen to:

  • Hungry Lucy – an amazing electronic duo that covers many styles of this broad genre. One album can be a very delightful electronica, while another can already flirt with darkwave (e.g. Just Imagine on the album Pulse of the Earth) and trip-hop (e.g. Storm (Carried Away) on Before We Stand… We Crawl). The female vocals are great and the blend into the nice multi-layered music perfectly. I'm particularly fond of To Kill a King with all its remixes on the album To Kill a King. IMHO Hungry Lucy can very well compete with more known artists like Lamb or Hooverphonic.

hook out → meh, study-wise wasted day …off to bed and in hope of a better tomorrow :P

P.S. Word on the street is that Jamendo will start using HTML 5 audio tags.

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