Just opened a blogger account…

To be completely frank, I'm not sure weather I'll keep it or not, since I'm thinking of making my own proper page some day. And, probably along with it I'll drop a blog there also …but for the time being I'll just have to use this, I guess :]

Anyhoo, I'll post here in the near future. And when I'm done setting up (after my exams!!!) my local network and with it the www server and page, I'll see what I'll do with this blog …maybe I'll even post it

So, if anyone reads this (yea right!) – don't worry, I'll probaby keep ranting here for at least few months – and when I get that page done

hook out → gone studying

P.S. oh, btw: my curent page is here http://www.poljane.net/~hook and the new page will probably be one of those .name thingies ^_^.v

Update: The homepage referred to here is long gone, but is accessible via Internet Archive. This is also where you can find the previous incarnation of Hook's Humble Homepage.

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