It's a well known fact that caffeine is the geeks' favourite drug in all its tasty and buzzy various forms :]

Some might remember my Fruc + instant coffee experiment from a year or two ago. Well, today a similar even took place – actually one that is perhaps more logical and has probably popped up in geek minds all over the planet before.

Let's look at the theory first:

  • caffeine in coffee usually gives you a bigger and shorter buzz, because it's free of clutter (yes, not a very chemically exact term) and thus gets absorbed more easily
  • caffeine in tea is bound to other substances (in this form in the olden days it was called "theine") which makes it harder for the body to absorb and therefore gives you a smaller, but longer lasting buzz
  • ergo: if you mix coffee and tea you should get best of both worlds ;)

That's the theory …now for the test itself. I've combined Yorkshire tea (from Taylors of Harrogate) with turkish-made coffee (from Zamorček) and got these results:

  • appearance: like normal tea only a bit darker
  • smell: tea-ish with slight hint of fresh turkish coffee
  • taste: a bit gritty (due to ground coffee silt), but not unpleasant
  • buzz: maybe it was due to a small amount of lack of sleep, but the buzz was surprisingly higher then expected – it's not a killer, but I feel it alright! …actually, after an hour, my head is slightly buzzing and there's a hint of a headache as well …niiiiiceeee :]

hook out → now stop! it's hammer study time!

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