I'm sick – which in general is a bad thing as I had to skip an exam and am not feeling that fresh either :P – but this gives me a great excuse to experiment with tea and honey. And I'm not just talking about the herbal ones, which everyone knows go well with the sticky stuff – I'm talking about the caffeine-rich leafy goodness! :D

In general I found tea with honey mellower then tea with sugar. The flavour of honey, depending on its type (e.g. flower, forrest, chestnut, lime, orangeflower, etc.), also plays a big role in the overall taste of the tea. Here's a few combinations that I've tried so far:

  • Darjeeling + flower honey = pretty nice, but next time I'm trying something even more subtle then flower honey (maybe orangeflower or acacia)
  • Ceylon + forrest honey + milk = this one is very good, especially if the honey has a more complex aroma to add to the otherwise rather simple mellow Ceylon
  • Ceylon + chestnut honey + milk = I quite like it; it seems that Ceylon is very versatile when it comes to mixing with honey (or spices for that matter)
  • White Monkey + orangeflower honey = it takes the slight edge that this white tea otherwise has and makes it a bit more mellow, brings it close to Darjeeling with, what else, a hint of orangeflower; I like it a lot!

Overall, I think I can call this experiment a success and will happily continue to drink my tea as well as with different types of sugar (although cane only!) as well as with diverse honeys. And, yes, also without, when applicable ;)

hook out → drinking White Monkey with orangeflower honey and studying Inheritance law …oh, yea, and being ill :P

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