It sounds like a really odd couple, but mixing tea with alcohol is not a new idea. In fact in the early days when tea reached Europe, they drank it mainly for medicinal usage, like for example black tea with rum as a cold remedy.

What I've tried so far is mixing (Taylors of Harrogate) Yorkshire Gold with Grand Marnier which goes together really well.

After a quick search I've found there's a few "tea cocktail" recipes online – there's even an old one called "Frog" that includes Gin! Makes you wonder…

Á propos tea: unhomogenised milk tastes better and is even supposedly healthier, because what's dangerous to your veins clogging up is not the amount of the fat in the milk, but the fact that in homogenised milk fat's broken up into such small particles that they clot together in veins instead of being digested. I probably didn't explain this really correctly, but you get the idea…

hook out → making a cup of tea and thinking…

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