Here's the deal:

I've known for quite some time that my brother and I need new short trousers. And I've noticed on the camp that my Airwalks are getting "a bit weathered" ;) …And, oh! what friendly coinsidence! Today start the summer sales! …so I went with my brother shopping (we both hate it!).

The pants were the lesser evil – in the end we each got a pair of Springfields (yea, i know fancy pants) for cca. 10€ each.

But it's the sneakers that were the problem – there's a model from Airwalk called 1one (a.k.a. One), which I'm totally crazy about. The only problem beeing that the model's quite old (at least 6 years) and that they don't sell Airwalk at all anymore in Slovenia ;(

I've overheard a rumour that there's a few pairs of Airwalk One left in Obsešen (Obsession store in Ljubljana), but when I came there there was only the version in smooth white leather and they didn't have my size – sometimes life can kick you in the groin from behind and around the corner, I know ~_\~

Well, if my luck doesn't change it seems like I'll have to change the brand …maybe to Etnies or something like that …god, I miss my one-ies ;(

Here's a few links to how those babies look like – if anyone knows where I can get them, please let me know! ~_~

Update: Links to pictures were dead, so I removed them.

hook out

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