What I would really like to see is people using FOAF and SIOC on either their desktops (what I'd do) or sites that use it.

I think that by using W3C RDF standards for semantics also for a user's contacts would give each user:

  • more power over what he wants to see and in which form
  • easier and more controlled access (e.g. from your PIM software)
  • to easier add extra information about someone that can be either shared or stored only on the "owner's" disk (e.g. where I met someone and my experiences with him/her are no concern of others)
  • far less bloat (e.g. no "applications" and notifications unless the user chooses to use such a site)
  • integration with the desktop itself and other services as well (e.g. in the inbox of your e-mail client you could check where you should know that person from, who (s)he knows from your acquaintances etc.; in your photo albums, be it on your disk or e.g. on Flicker or any other service, you could check who's who and all sorts of other information.; you could write an e-mail to "the brother of the guy I met in that pub in France who works for an IT firm")

Yes, I know it seems like utopia …but actually, we should be ready for this rather soon – just look at the NEPOMUK project and its KDE integration for instance.

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