So far I've been pretty happy with the spam filters that my e-mail provider used, but lately it's started to be a bit leaky and I'm again getting spam on my primary e-mail account. Well, I've just installed Bogofilter to get a small spam filter. I doubt that I need anything as complicated as SpamAssassin for the little amount of spam that I get.

…and it really is that simple! Just emerge bogofilter and run the spam wizard in KMail to turn it on. Let's hope that the learning/training period of it will be over soon and I'll see some progress soon :]

While I'm at it, it would be really cool if there was a spam filter for IM clients like Kopete – I'm getting really annoyed with the spam there. I just stopped receiving sex spam over YIM and am now getting it over ICQ! The latest trend is … wait for it! This one's really odd! … Slavic nazistic spam! Wow …that's a first one! Where the hell did they get that one!!!.

Dear Mr. Spammy Interwebs, my hat's off to you! Just when I think I've seen it all, you surprise me yet again.

hook out → drinking "white coffee"/caffé d'orzo/Kneipp coffee or whatever it's called in your country …and studying …yes, Inheritance law

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