Terribly sorry, but I have to get this out of my system…

I just saw 2 minutes of "Toddlers in Tiaras" – a show on Discovery Channel about beauty pageants for heavily underage girls.

That shit is sick!

I mean, there's child abuse and child pornography spelled all over it. In those two minutes I've seen a 6 and 9 year old girl dancing like whores in revealing costumes and coquetting with the jury. How can that be legal? How can anyone watch that or even get their kid to compete there without a seriously perverted twisted sick mind?!?! What will become of these kids when they grow up? How can they even evolve normally?

All over the world there's lobbying that we should be spied online to protect our children, somewhere in the EU hookers are even by law forbidden to have a bra size smaller then B, so they "do not look too much like children" … but on the other hand there's legal child prostitution on the TV?

We live in a seriously odd world…

hook out → trying to find sense in environmental law – that looks a bit saner OJo

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