Ska is to calypso, mento, (roots) reggae and rocksteady what bossa nova is to samba – only the other way around.

There, I said it – shoot me! :P

Both ska and bossa when you listen to them a mix between jazz, rhythm'n'blues and the local music. I think good old ska deserves to be listened to just the same way as jazz.

About it being "other way around" – well, bossa nova originated from samba, while ska existed before reggae. Actually rocksteady and a bit later on even reggae developed from ska!

I dunno what day it is, and it's probably nothing to do with ska in any way – but who cares! Ska's cool. Period. At least in my world :P

Oh, and what I'm talking about is the real early 1960s deal here – not the later two-tone or ska-core! (Although I'd probably be the last to say anything against the Madness, the Specials, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones et sim.)

Next time (maybe): wonders of dub

hook out → just finished playing PlaneShift for today, writing some e-mails and listening to – yea, you guessed it, it's early early ska! – the Skatalites.

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