Lately there has been a lot of posts on Planet Gentoo and Larry the Cow (and even !gentoo on about QA 1, the policy of introducing new developers and lately even the nifty solution of proxy maintainers.

So I decided that it might be high time to update my Writing ebuilds is easy! HOWTO. IMHO it would help a great heap, if we had a nice step-by-step tutorial on how to write and maintain ebuilds understandable enough for the average user to actually consider helping out.

Don't expect anything too soon or sudden, because I'm quite plastered with work right now – FSFE here, study there, small things all around, not to mention sleeping and eating.

À propos sleeping, I really should be sleeping more then 5h a day OJo

hook out → drinking coffee in BiKoFe and preparing for the Fellowship Slovenia meeting later today; too bad the tea house Cha doesn't have WiFi :P

  1. FlameEyes asks this several times. 

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