It's all over the wall of society, that shoe obsession is more of a female thing.

But then again us – male types – are usually more prone to staying true to a certain thing we've grown to like and not part with it easily. Apart from me, I know a few other members of the same sex (as me) that have their favourite shoe brand and model that they'd kill for to get a pair.

In my case (and generation) it's Airwalk model One, while for my brother (and his generation) the object of male shoe adoration is Converse the first Ev model. Both shoes were very comfy to wear, simple of design and had quite a long life of wear …and have sadly been discontinued years ago!

A shoe to fit the shoes of my old favourite shoes (whoa, that's one bad pun! :D) was very hard to find every time I wore a pair out. From time to time a lonesome and long-forgotten pair would pop up in a skate shoeshop, when they cleaned up their stock – but even that luck wore thin in time.

I had to move on…

It wasn't a pleasant ride and it included quite a few pairs that looked OK, but never felt right. I've tried diverse models from Airwalk, some AdidasPuma's sole was always to narrow for my foot and I can't stand Vans as well as those so-thick-you-look-like-you-have-hooves-shoes.

When things started to look really bleak and Airwalk was banished, so to say, from the local shoeshops, I happened to find a pair of Savier model Cooper and they were perfect! – comfy to wear, decent to play footbag in and lasted me over 6 years! It saddened me when this less-known skate brand of Nike was discontinued.

In the meantime I wore some Adidas that I treated with shoe polish, because a previous accident with a candle left a waxy spot on it. Sure, they were OK-ish, but just couldn't cut the cheese compared to Savier.

Then last year I found Lakai model MJ-3 and fell in love with them! The only problem was that by the time I decided to buy them they've already sold all pairs that were my size. This week I simply had to buy a new pair, so I headed to the shop again and while trying on a few models, out of sheer curiosity I asked if they happen to have those brown Lakai MJ-3 that I saw last year – the shopkeeper couldn't find them anywhere, but that didn't surprise me one bit. What did surprise me, was that five minutes later she came back with a beaten up box in her hands and said she found them somewhere in the back all forgotten and unloved. And they were even my exact size and preferred colour! Not to mention the 50% discount because they were an old model and had a beaten up box. How lucky is that! :D

Lakai MJ-3 are simply great!comfy, decent to play footbag in, good-looking and seem to be the quality to last me 6 years again :]

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