In a tragic accident Miha Valič died descending from Cho Oyu at the young age of 30.

He was in my opinion one of the best and underappreciated alpinists of his generation and more importantly a great guy – amongst others he was the first guy to claim all 82 European mountains that are over 4000m high in winter. He was a mountain guide, a mountain rescuer together with his dog Uka …and above all a great guy. Personally I've looked up to him when I was still a scout and he a scout leader. Even later on when I grew old enough to be a leader myself, I got along with him very well. Even though we didn't hang out a lot outside of scouting, I'll miss him and want to present my condolences to his family, friends …and of course his dog.

RIP Miha Valič …now the mountains have you.

hook out → drinking the very last batch of Darjeeling Himalaya FTGFOP in his honour

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