On the 5th of October our Fellowship group met for the 5th time. There was 6 of us in person there and 2 via IM and EtherPad; in short this is what we talked about:

  1. Local elections – Our initial plan was to contact all the parties and candidates on this year's local elections, but due to time restrictions we had to trim that down considerably, so we just wrote to a few on a personal basis.
  2. How to reach polititians – In connection with the above, we discussed how to contact polititians better. With the exchange of our experience we figured that although individual and public requests are not to be abandoned, to actually change anything it would be needed to a) find the one person in the party who is "in charge" for such questions and try to persuade them, since they pretty much incoroprate the party's view on that matter; b) try to persuade the sysadmins in public administration and parties of the same, since they hold the actual tools; c) for public actions the more critical time is perhaps not the time before the elections, but before the state budget is decided upon.
  3. Regular FSFE/Fellowship lectures and workshops – together with Cyberpipe we started making plans to hold regular (for now quarterly, later more frequent) public lectures and workshops on what FSFE and Fellowship do and about important issues we care about. The first lecture will be held by Igor Kolar about the Death of Torrents? – Wider Implications of 3-strike Laws (title is WIP!). For the next lecture, one suggestion was to invite Gijs Hillenius from OSOR. (Also I'm thinking of lecturing about how to chose the right license, but that was after the meeting).
  4. Posters – We're planning to make a few waterproof Fellowship posters so we can use and re-use them as sings to our meetings etc.
  5. PDF readers – We talked in short about the PDF Readers project.
  6. Open data – postponed until the next time, due to the missing key person.
  7. Gallo post festum letters – It would be a nice idea to write our MEP's about their vote on the Gallo report. Thank you notes to those who voted against; and to those who voted for it a short e-mail explaining why this was a bad idea. One of our members commented that the fore-last time he wrote our MEP's they replied, but last time (re Gallo) they didn't.
  8. Deputy coordinator – I really need a deputy coordinator. Especially since recently I was invited into the FTF and ELN. After long minutes of people carefully examining the railing, table and ceiling, Andrej Čremožnik offered to help out when I'm deep in shit a rut although he himself has a lot of work this year with his studies as well.
  9. Misc – Before and after the meeting we also discussed about how and why proprietary IM services are evil, 3-strike laws and the ACS:Law fiasco(s), Cory Doctorow's latest book and probably some other things I don't remember.

All in all it was a pretty good meeting and the fixed monthly date (first Thursday every month) was very well recieved. There would be more of us if some weren't ill or burned out that day. But that's just how it is when holidays are over ;)

As usual, the full minutes in Slovenian are available on the wiki.

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