The title of this post can be either read as a statement or a command, and initially I wanted to write a lenghtly sloopy post about how some books change your life or just mean a lot to someone etc. etc. etc. …but I won't!!

It is a command.

Read it!

If you know me, you know that I don't make recomendations lightly and that I have a very good reason to do so now. (Yes, it was the first book in years that made my heart pound wildly and I didn't want to part with it…)

If you don't know me or just don't care what I think or don't want to follow what I say, read it anyway! XD

I won't tell you why, just do it! Now!!!

Bloody download the bloomin' book and read it!!!

hook out → read it, enjoyed it, have to study now

P.S. Cory Doctorow, you are an evil evil man to have written such a brilliant book. If I fail these exams, I am sooooo totally blaming your evil genius for making me procrastinate!!! XD

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