I've decided that recently I've been too much using and following the current – (para)legal and otherwise – happenings in the cyberspace lately and perhaps devoted too little time on understanding the most basic principles and battles of cyberspace.

So, I'm starting with (re)reading Lawrence Lessig's Code v2 – re-reading it, because I've already read the first version, but I haven't read the version 2 yet.

Then I'll probably move on to more technological and philosophical reads concerning that matter on one hand, while on the other more legal texts parrallel to that. To trully understand cyberspace, one has to understand both/all aspects of it. Especially now that the main battle in it is between who will control it – governments, large corporations, individuals or benevolant groups of experts. My guess is it'll be all of them …but it's paramount that we get the balance right.

hook out → hanging out at NUK and studying

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