Aye, me harties, 'tis the day when we spill some grog and poop some decks!

Not many of ye yellowbellies be knowin' it but on this fine day the lads at Telltale Games be divvy'n their booty with all the scurvy dogs the sea ever barfed upon a shore. Shiver me timbers, if playing Guybrush Threepwood, ye mighty pirate, an' his Tales of Monkey Island fer free is nae a treat you shouldnae miss!

It also means that the mangy scoundrel that be the dog's son who wrote the Pirate filter, wasnae worth the milk his mum fed him! Otherwise ye'd be seein' proper speech be done here all over th' place. An' none of that landlubbin' posh talk of the gents with feathers up their arses.

hook out → aaaaaaaargh!

P.S. Richard Eriksson, I hope you realise the insult is good piratey fun and I hope you don't feel offended by it. I also hope you already discovered (e.g. on your own blog) that your pirate filter doesn't work.

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