So, I decided to show my box some love today.

I emerged (actually paludised, but let's leave it at that ;)) Baselayout 2 and OpenRC and followed the official Gentoo OpenRC migration documentation. The migration didn't seem too difficult actually. So when I was finished I rebooted.

…and got caught in a loop where every blasted init script was waiting for either hwclock or hal and those were waiting for fsck, which didn't work due to a sloppy migration.

So, with my laptop unable to boot, I had to go to Cyberpipe/Kiberpipa to ask if someone could burn me a Gentoo LiveCD (because somehow I lost mine) …there was some "fun" problems with burning as well as the most used desktop box there didn't work and I had to ask a friend and admin there to burn it on his private laptop (using wodim directly, because even on his box the GUI didn't want to burn).

With my newly acquired hope I started fixing my system by first removing the parallel booting and then editing the init scripts. In most cases it that I just had to change clock to hwclock and on one occasion there was a problem that still from the Baselayout 1 the variable called in a script was written with caps and in Baselayout the variable was defined in small case.

OK, when it started working I re-added the parallel booting and all was good.

…until I noticed that the /etc/init.d/timidity stopped working (i.e. immediately crashed when started). Then I blew pretty much my whole day figuring out bloody why and couldn't find a solution. Meh, I'll just live without for now, I suppose. Can't be bothered right now.

Definitely not a good day for science!


hook out → meh, should be bloody studying… :P

P.S. paludis in Latin actually means of the moor or moor's

P.P.S. Also, I'm getting very annoyed by FacePoopBook and am going to get rid of it ASAP (just after I rip all the e-mail addresses of my real friends from it)!!!

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