Amongst other things I've decided that in 2009 I'm going to write Christmas/New Year/(insert your winter solstice holiday here) cards or at least e-mails to everyone I know and care about. And by that I mean individual greetings – not those generic mass "undisclosed recipients" e-mails or FaceBook notification that get on my nerve! Sure, it'll take me days, but hey! if I can't take that much to write someone I know at least an e-mail (if not a real card!), why bother at all?

Hmm, what do you wish for someone who's of another religion than you? Your holiday or their or some generic "politically correct droppings of a male bovine"? IMHO the best option is to wish them your holiday greetings, if the basic idea of it doesn't clash with his/her religion and also wish them their own holiday greetings if its basic idea doesn't clash with your religion. What do you guys think?

Oh, yea… happy 2009! …sorry, I'm very much like Charlie Brown when it comes to New Year's greetings – but I'll try to improve for the next year! ;)

hook out → study now, party later :P

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