It seems like the farewell from 2006 brought a huge amount of good-byes with it:

An insane amount of (ex)polititians have either passed away or been executed towards the end of the year. Just to name a few (in no particular order): Hussein, Milošević, Ford, Prokop, Kollek.

We (Slovenija) have parted with SIT – so the only money we could truly call ours! – for the €. Of course it's a big step forward and we're all terribly proud of ourselves for being the first of the so called "new EU member states" …but still – it was our very own money.

With the new year TUX Magazine – the first online monthly Linux magazine for noobies – has stopped coming out, due to economical reasons.

In other fun new-year related news: in december I got (after organising with ELSA Ljubljana our annual law seminar in Bovec) a few diseases in a row – from an allergy over flu to chickenpox. And exactly on New Year's my brother developed the 'pox which he got from me. Joyful joy, oh new year!

hook out → finished his Gunpowder tea and slowly going to bed

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