Yes, that is right – yet again I am using a new blog system!

This time I decided to use Pelican1 – a Python-based static HTML generator.

There is nothing wrong with Habari or Drupal – the former is a great tiny PHP-based blog/news website and the later is one of the most popular (for a reason) CMS. Having used both I warmly recommend them for those purposes.

So, why the change?

The answer is as annoying as it is simple – spam – I have been spammed and spammed and spammed in the comments and my poor little server just cannot handle that much. Pelican was one of the top contenders when I was choosing a new blog/homepage system already in my last migration, but I decided in favour of Habari due to its nice GUI and comments.

With all the spam fighting, changing of web-servers etc. I have not yet managed to migrate the blog content. It might take some time, as in Gentoo Haskell, that is needed for Pandoc, does not come in binary form yet for ARM and the source has some circular dependencies. Even when I manage to migrate it I am not yet sure how to manage comments, if at all. One idea is to try if Static Pelican Comments work well.

hook out → off to bed

  1. I kind of like that Pelican is the anagram of “Calepin” (notebook in French) – I thought anagrams to be nearly extinct :] 

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